Humanoid Monsters plus Call of the Wyld Review!

There’s something about a human monster that makes it just that little bit creepier. Perhaps it’s the suggestion of intelligence, or a motive other than just being a predatory beast, or perhaps its the lack of humanity within something that appears (sometimes only vaguely) human. Whatever the case, human monsters have been around since theContinue reading “Humanoid Monsters plus Call of the Wyld Review!”

Making a Monster

Monster: 1. a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature Hello and welcome to the Spells & Spaceships Fantasy Monster Week! This week will look at the monsters specifically of the Fantasy, Sci-Fi and folklore variety, largely sticking to the above definition – there’ll be no serial killers or other deplorable humans. Unless they’re covered inContinue reading “Making a Monster”

10 Reasons you might want to play Total War: Warhammer

I’m a big fan of empire building strategy games, starting first with Age of Empires II when I was around 8 yrs old, followed by many others. I went from RTS (real time strategy) to turn based strategy with Civ Revolution before moving onto Medieval II Total War and Empire Total War. This changed everything.Continue reading “10 Reasons you might want to play Total War: Warhammer”

Book Blitz: A Sea of Pearls and Leaves.

Hi everyone! Today with Storytellers on Tour I’m bringing to your attention a beautiful book with beautiful imagery… It’s A Sea of Pearls and Leaves by Rosalyn Briar. If you need a read to take you away to distant shores with the smell of the sea lapping at the shore, with magic, love and anContinue reading “Book Blitz: A Sea of Pearls and Leaves.”

Which Type of Reviewer Are You?

Happy Friday, folks! Today I’m asking which type of reviewer are you? I’ve laid out 10 reviewer blueprints – which one do you most relate to? Perhaps there’s another type that feels too blatant an omission not to pull me up on! Feel free to let me know, even though I will do absolutely nothingContinue reading “Which Type of Reviewer Are You?”

A request from me to you…

This isn’t a post about books, or anything science fiction or fantasy – however I would really, really appreciate it if you’d take a couple of minutes to read my post today. Thankyou so much. The UK government announced a £100 million rescue package for zoos to help them care for animals and survive theContinue reading “A request from me to you…”

The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5

Welcome to the fifth part of the bloggers spotlight series, in which I showcase some of the awesome SFF bloggers and reviewers that will brighten your timeline in some way or another. Today sees another 5 added; I hope you find someone new to follow. Enjoy! Ollie – Infinite Speculation I like Ollie’s stylish, uniformContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5”