An Interview with Dr Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir

I’m delighted to present my interview with Jóhanna Friðriksdóttir, Norse scholar and author of Valkyrie: The Women of the Viking World. Hi Jóhanna! In popular culture we hear all about The Norsemen and the Vikings are often epitomised by the stereotype of the testosterone filled, masculine, bearded warrior. Was your book fuelled by the desireContinue reading “An Interview with Dr Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir”

An Interview with Fjorn the Skald!

Hi all! Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Steven, a.k.a Fjorn the Skald from Fjorn’s Hall, a website offering Norse and Viking educational courses and online resources. He’s also an aspiring author of epic fantasy; his wealth of experience in Norse & Celtic history and medieval literature has allowed him to create a vivid, nuancedContinue reading “An Interview with Fjorn the Skald!”

Where does our understanding of Norse Mythology come from?

Hi everyone, I hope you’re enjoying Norsevember. Today is the last day of week 1, which means the Gods & Mythology theme is coming to a close! How can we learn more about Norse Mythology then, and where does a lot of our information come from? Of course, Norse Mythology is ingrained in the culture,Continue reading “Where does our understanding of Norse Mythology come from?”

Truth and Other Lies – A Norsevember Guest Post from Lyra Wolf!

I’m pleased to present this fun-filled guest post from Lyra Wolf; get to know the author and her book Truth and Other Lies – a fresh new Norse mythology inspired fantasy. SIGNED PAPERBACKS GIVEAWAY There are paperbacks. Yes, with an s on the end! Signed paperbacks of Truth and Other Lies – simply RT myContinue reading “Truth and Other Lies – A Norsevember Guest Post from Lyra Wolf!”

An Interview with Genevieve Gornichec!

It is with great pleasure I introduce Genevieve Gornichec to the blog. Genevieve has her highly anticipated debut, The Witch’s Heart scheduled for Feb 9th. Find out more about book and author below! Hi Gen! Your debut novel, The Witch’s Heart, is getting a lot of attention. How does it feel to have people anticipatingContinue reading “An Interview with Genevieve Gornichec!”

Journey through the 9 worlds…

I love this artwork of the 9 worlds, “Yggdrasil the World Tree” by Sam Flegal. For another representation, we have this from Simon E. Davies, which better represents the Norse interpretation of Midgard (Earth) sitting on top of the ocean, Midgard and the Midgard ocean being separate. It also has Midgard situated between Niflheim andContinue reading “Journey through the 9 worlds…”

Norse Mythology and Death

A rather dreary title, eh? This post won’t be as depressing as the title sounds, I promise! Today we are looking at what comes after. Where did the Norse people believe they’d go after departing this world? In Norse Mythology, the Gods aren’t exempt from death either and we’ll journey forward to Ragnarok – theContinue reading “Norse Mythology and Death”

The Northern Wrath Special!

Welcome all, to NORSEVEMBER!!! If you haven’t caught up with the introduction, check out the ‘everything you need to know’ introduction including week 1’s schedule. Otherwise, let’s crack on with day one! Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt is the perfect book to kick off #Norsevember with a bang. Why? Because it practically has everythingContinue reading “The Northern Wrath Special!”

Looking to Norsevember: Everything you need to know.

Tomorrow kicks off the #Norsevember event. This post will run you through everything you need to know. First of all, if you’ve been reading Norse books for the past two months, make sure to post your reviews if you have them during the event to score points! Tomorrow also marks the start of Sci-Fi month,Continue reading “Looking to Norsevember: Everything you need to know.”