Fantasy Book Reviews

Abercrombie, Joe
First Law

The Blade Itself

Anderson, Justin Lee
Eidyn Trilogy

The Lost War

Argyle, Zack

Voice of War

Bailey, Jesse Nolan


Bierce, John

The Wrack

Bradshaw, Alex


Butcher, Jim

Storm Front

Cahill, Ryan

The Fall

Chorn, Sarah

Of Honey and Wildfires

Conley, Lee. C
The Dead Sagas

A Ritual of Bone

A Ritual of Flesh

Devenport, J. A

By Raven’s Call

Gaiman, Neil

The Sandman (audio production)

Norse Mythology

Gillingham, Joshua

The Gatewatch

Gornichec, Genevieve

The Witch’s Heart

Haig, Matt

The Midnight Library

Hamilton, Duncan M
The Dragonslayer Trilogy


Knight of the Silver Circle

Servant of the Crown

Holdt, Thilde Kold

Northern Wrath

Imaginário, Susana

Wyrd Gods

Kaeth, S

Between Starfalls

Kuang, R. F

The Poppy War

Lawrence, Mark
The Broken Empire

Prince of Thorns

Le Guin, Ursula. K

A Wizard of Earthsea

Madson, Devin

We Ride the Storm

Matthews, Deck
The Riven Realm Series

The First of Shadows

Dust of the Darkness

A Shattering of Glass

Varkas Tales

In the Tower of the Witching Tree

The Melding Thief

A Harlequin of Hate

McLean, Peter

Priest of Bones

Priest of Lies

Priest of Gallows

Naslund, Brian
Dragons of Terra

Blood of an Exile

Sorcery of a Queen

Fury of a Demon

Nell, Richard
Ash and Sand

Kings of Paradise

Patrick, Benedict

The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon

Rosell, J. D

The Throne of Ice and Ash

Riddle, Travis. M

Spit and Song

Samphire, Patrick

Shadow of a Dead God

Sapkowski, Andrzej
The Witcher

The Last Wish

Sword of Destiny

Smith, Darian

Kalanon’s Rising

Smith Spark, Anna
Empires of Dust

The Court of Broken Knives

Stewart, Andrea

The Bone Shard Daughter

Sullivan, Michael. J

Theft of Swords

Williams, Jen

The Ninth Rain

The Bitter Twins

Wolf, Lyra

Truth and Other Lies

Woolliscroft, D. P


Tales of Kingshold

Ioth: City of Lights

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