Hidden Gems Issue #4

Hi folks, it’s time for another issue of Hidden Gems – the feature where you can find some unique and interesting indie books you’d perhaps never heard of. Who knows, they could be your next fave! My Fatal Futility: Shellshock N. J. M. Hemfrey In a neo-Japanese inspired future, comes a cyberpunk epic with aContinue reading “Hidden Gems Issue #4”

Windborn – Review

A very competent Norse fantasy debut that makes you care about the protagonist and brings a fresh flavour to the genre. I really enjoyed this Norse inspired world from Alex S Bradshaw that brings a real fresh twist to the largely Vikings-inspired genre. There are a lot of parallels with Norse Mythological beliefs (the beliefContinue reading “Windborn – Review”

Numa the Hunter – Review

An intriguing and beautifully illustrated sci-fi graphic novel you need to read more than once to fully appreciate. Stas Borodin created the interior illustrations for SPFBO runner up Black Stone Heart by Michael R. Fletcher. With Numa the Hunter volume one we have Borodin’s first published graphic novel and the images are predictably gorgeous. WhatContinue reading “Numa the Hunter – Review”

Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star – Review

An exquisitely collated book that pulled me from my dreary English armchair to far off lands of harsh ice, arid sands and open seas. It has been a real privilege to read this Norse & Muslim historical fiction anthology from Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad and Josh Gillingham. The book features some excellent authors and stories thatContinue reading “Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star – Review”

It’s Windborn’s Release Day!

Today marks the release of Alex Bradshaw’s debut novel, Windborn. I’m here to give you a little info about the book as well as my thoughts so far. A review will be coming very soon! The reason for the spotlight is life got unexpectedly busy over the last couple of weeks and I didn’t quiteContinue reading “It’s Windborn’s Release Day!”

Old Norse For Modern Times – Review

A fun and humorous little book that is a must for fans of Norse history and myth, though might be limited in its appeal to others. Authors – Ian Stuart Sharpe, Joshua Gillingham, Dr. Arngrímur Vídalín. Pages – 102 Old Norse For Modern Times is another Norse Gem from Outland Entertainment, written by Ian StuartContinue reading “Old Norse For Modern Times – Review”

Sistersong – Review

Author – Lucy HollandPages – 416 A very well written, charming historical fiction-fantasy with interesting characters and an obvious passion for the history and folklore, which shines throughout. Dark Ages Britain is a compelling yet challenging time period to set your story – there isn’t quite so much documented history as the commonly visited MedievalContinue reading “Sistersong – Review”

The Witch’s Heart – Review

Author – Genevieve GornichecPages – 368 An emotional, spell-binding story that hits you right in the feels – strong women and expertly woven Norse Mythology pull you into a wonderfully unique tale in which your own heart goes through everything the titular one does. The Witch’s Heart is the first book on my blog toContinue reading “The Witch’s Heart – Review”

Monsters and Mythology: a chat with Cait Reynolds and Susana Imaginário

Hello and welcome to the final day of Monster Week. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few monsters over the last 6 days and hopefully added a few things to your TBR list too! There’s still a giveaway draw later today, as well as another few giveaways announced relating to this week to come inContinue reading “Monsters and Mythology: a chat with Cait Reynolds and Susana Imaginário”