The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5

Welcome to the fifth part of the bloggers spotlight series, in which I showcase some of the awesome SFF bloggers and reviewers that will brighten your timeline in some way or another. Today sees another 5 added; I hope you find someone new to follow. Enjoy! Ollie – Infinite Speculation I like Ollie’s stylish, uniformContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5”

Ioth City of Lights – Review

Author – D. P. WoolliscroftPages – 596 There are minor spoilers for Kingshold in this review, though I’m confident most of them have been ironed out. If you want to read my review for Kingshold first, you can do so here! A deeper dive into D P Woolliscroft’s wonderful high fantasy world, building on everythingContinue reading “Ioth City of Lights – Review”

Fleet of Knives – Review

Author – Gareth L. PowellPages – 405 A thrilling and emotive second Embers of War novel that adds even more personality to the series, and cements your attachment to the brilliant characters. As with most books that aren’t the first in a series, I won’t make a huge in-depth review; those of you who haven’tContinue reading “Fleet of Knives – Review”

The Serpent Sword – Review

Author – Matthew HarffyPages – 346 A really fast paced and immersive historical fiction that throws you into the shield wall and doesn’t let you go! The Serpent Sword was such a fast paced, thrilling read, that I listened to on audiobook. Our main character is Beobrand, who is easy to love and root for,Continue reading “The Serpent Sword – Review”

The Bone Shard Daughter – Review

A solid and imaginative debut with refreshing elements and characters you begin to become attached to. Author – Andrea Stewart Pages – 438 The Bone Shard Daughter is one of the rare books I did almost no research on before buying – I liked the short bit of premise I’d read and a couple ofContinue reading “The Bone Shard Daughter – Review”

10 new releases for 2021 I’m excited to read…

I know, I know – I should really finish the books I own already before looking at new releases. But if you love books too, chances are you can’t stick to your own advice. So zip it. There’s always space for new books! And here are 10 I’m really quite excited for in 2021! WeContinue reading “10 new releases for 2021 I’m excited to read…”

Knight of the Silver Circle – Review

A second enjoyable entry to the Dragonslayer series that sticks with the formula that made the first book a fast-paced, fun read, whilst adding a few new elements to keep things fresh. Author – Duncan M HamiltonPages – 320 For those that either haven’t read book one, Dragonslayer (or my review for it) you mightContinue reading “Knight of the Silver Circle – Review”

The Devil and the Dark Water – Review

An interesting 17th century mystery with a ship setting and horror elements that work really well, though the ending may not please everyone. Author – Stuart TurtonPages – 463 The Devil and the Dark Water is a unique book many people will have in their list of top reads – it has been reviewed manyContinue reading “The Devil and the Dark Water – Review”