Light of Impossible Stars – Review

Despite being weaker than the first two books, Light of Impossible Stars is full of beauty and wonder; an enjoyable conclusion to an excellent overall story. Given this is the final book in the Embers of War trilogy, I’ll keep the review relatively brief. It’s kinda difficult to mention the main plot points without givingContinue reading “Light of Impossible Stars – Review”

The Fall – Review

A thrilling page turner of a novella that succeeds in giving you dragons, betrayals, world building and really interesting characters within 4 POV chapters. Wow, this book is bloody brilliant! I’d bought Ryan Cahill’s debut, Of Blood and Fire and on signing up to his newsletter, received a free ebook of his prequel novella TheContinue reading “The Fall – Review”

Of Honey and Wildfires – Review

A delightfully unique read – a gaslamp fantasy western – full of beautiful prose, immersive imagery and character relationships that pull at your heartstrings. I’ve read a few books recently that were edited by Sarah Chorn and was struck by how professional and free flowing they were, so naturally I was curious to experience herContinue reading “Of Honey and Wildfires – Review”

Goodbye to the Sun – Review

A fresh sci-fi for the modern era that successfully balances serious themes with exciting space opera. First of all, Thankyou to Jonathan Nevair and Storytellers on Tour for the opportunity to review this unique book. It’s one I’d been really intrigued about since the author first contacted me a few months ago. The tour wasContinue reading “Goodbye to the Sun – Review”

An Interview with L. L. MacRae!

Today it is my pleasure to share my interview with L. L. MacRae, author of the Linaria and Kouzlo series. Her brand new series, Dragon Spirits is out on ebook now and on paperback just round the corner on 11th June 21! Buy the ebookOr the paperback, which can be signed and shipped internationally! HiContinue reading “An Interview with L. L. MacRae!”

Why I think you should check out self published SFF!

Hi people. Today I’m here to tell those of you that only read the big releases from publishers – you keep on doing only that if you want to. But I’m also here to tell you that there are a world of books by self published authors that are just as good. Ok, Alex –Continue reading “Why I think you should check out self published SFF!”

Through the Woods – Review

A brilliantly creepy collection of stories, beautifully and strikingly illustrated; cancel your woodland getaway. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll is one of the most interesting and memorable books I’ve read – a graphic novel featuring five stories set in the woods – and it’s incredibly creepy! Everyone’s definition of horror varies of course, asContinue reading “Through the Woods – Review”

The Throne of Ice and Ash – Review

An immersive tale of adversity, family, inner strength, love and betrayal in which you can feel the ice in your bones and the fire on your skin. Thanks to Storytellers on Tour and J. D. L. Rosell for the opportunity to read The Throne of Ice and Ash, a book I breezed through in noContinue reading “The Throne of Ice and Ash – Review”