It’s Windborn’s Release Day!

Today marks the release of Alex Bradshaw’s debut novel, Windborn.

I’m here to give you a little info about the book as well as my thoughts so far. A review will be coming very soon!

The reason for the spotlight is life got unexpectedly busy over the last couple of weeks and I didn’t quite get the reading and reviewing time in to meet the release day. Thanks Alex and Storytellers on Tour for being cool about the delay. I hope readers of the blog like what they see and you can be rest assured what I’ve read so far is excellent!

The Book Blurb

Drowning is only the beginning…
Edda Gretasdottir is a raider, a fell-handed shield-maiden, feared along every coast. Hers is a life woven in
battle scars.

But she never wanted to walk the warrior’s path. All she wanted was freedom, to earn enough gold to buy
her family their own remote farm, and to escape their oppressive chieftain. Now, she has enough plunder
so that she can finally hang up her shield and live in peace.

That peace is stolen from Edda, however, when raiders burn her home, destroy all that she loves, and toss
her, wounded and bleeding, into the ravenous ocean.

But the fates are cruel and this is not the end for Edda: she rises from the bloody surf as a Windborn, a
cursed warrior whose supernatural gifts are a poor exchange for everything she has lost.

Fuelled by rage and armed with strange new powers Edda will hunt for whoever sent the raiders, for who-
ever is responsible for taking everything from her. She will show them the sharp edge of her axe… or die

Windborn is a dark, character-driven Norse fantasy packed with emotion, deadly foes, and vicious battles.

Get your copy of Windborn now to hear Edda’s epic tale!

My Thoughts So Far

I’m really enjoying this Norse inspired world that brings a real fresh twist to the largely Vikings-inspired genre.

There are a lot of parallels with Norse Mythological beliefs (the belief system sort of is Norse mythology) – a nameless God is even called The Trickster God. There are differences and variations however that show Bradshaw has made the right decision in carving out his own with a very strong inspiration, rather than using the existing mythology. The best of both if you will.

When a fallen warrior dies, sometimes in the right conditions they’ll become Windborn, with different superhuman abilities from one Windborn to the next. In this respect it blends your typical Viking revenge tale with Marvel like Norse superheroes, and this is handled really well. It adds that extra dynamic that makes this book really unique and well thought out.

Something else that really stands out from the first 200 pages or so is how much I already hate one of the main antagonists introduced so far, Dagnur. It’s always good to have someone to hate in a book!

I can’t comment on the full book yet, but the writing style is easy to follow and it’s written really professionally, which of course really helps with the immersion. I’m looking forward to being able to read more of this over the next week and have a full review for you very soon!

About the Author

Alex S. Bradshaw grew up in Kent in the UK and spent much of his childhood hiding (sometimes
under tables) and reading a book.

He has always been a fan of epic stories (as well as dinosaurs and cake) so it came as no surprise to anyone that he went on to study Classics and Ancient History at university.

Now Alex works in publishing and has turned his hand to making epic stories of his own.





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